Wild Ways
Natural Education

Developing awareness, enjoyment, and preservation of the nature within and around us through the study and practice of primitive skills. 

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Each day at Wild Ways we fully immerse ourselves in Natural Educationusing primitive tools, materials, and the natural environment. Students are encouraged to follow their own will and imagination on the pathways of discovery and creativity. This segues to the super learning that only occurs during the blissful sense of timelessness students feel when given the freedom to find out what they are impassioned to find out—at their own pace. 

The love of learning is born into each and every soul. Intrinsic to survival, and beyond survival, it drives the development of each human being-- as it has driven the divine evolution of our species. It is what motivates all learning throughout life.

We, as educational guides, need
not inspire within any child that which nature already has. We need simply to recognize the divine and unique genius already living in each individual—allow it, nourish it, encourage it!

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